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What is Nexup?

The picture shows the Nexup user interface

Nexup is your platform to discover events and get recommendations from artists or peers for unique events in Germany. 

Nexup is much more than just an event calendar – it is your companion on every step of the event journey – from discovering and preparing for events to inspiring others and benefiting from branded rewards. The name “Nexup” is derived from “next” and “up” and in the extended context means “Find out what’s up next”. Events can not only be a time to switch off and enjoy but also to transform the way you do anything you’re passionate about, or the place you make new friendships, career deals or find more about yourself. And therefore Nexup is the best place to discover new events that let you pursue your passions proactively and in ways you never thought possible.

In this respect, we make free time to your time by enabling the best event discovery and attendance for everyone.

1. The Nexup Discovery

At the top: Your opportunity to find your favourite events by yourself – through searching & filtering. You receive access to information and tickets from a variety of channels (e.g. business, music, sports and culture) and providers (CTS Eventim, Reservix, Ticketmaster, etc.) within a single platform.

2. Curated Collections

Keeping up with all the great events that happen every week can quite stressful. That’s why we integrated the so-called collections to bring you unique perspectives on what’s interesting and trending. Collections work similarly to Playlists on Spotify. However one does not save songs but events. Collections are the very heart of NEXUP because they are created by the community for the community to make event discovery more personal and joyful. With Collections it’s made easy to discover events you’re going to love. And to learn more about the kinds of apps you already love.

The picture shows, an example for a Nexup Collection.
The Collection “Unicorn Farm” , that shows unique within the start-up environment.

3. Nexup Stories

Want to learn how to dance in an electronic nightclub to find your big love? Or how you should dress yourself to certain festivals? Or may it be a little more business-related by showing you how to successfully use a networking event or where to get new ideas for your own start-up project? Be inspired by Nexup and discover topics that interest you and take you further – even beyond your active leisure planning.