Nexup Team

Our journey to revolutionize event discovery

We will always remember the time after our bachelor studies. We did it, we made the first step towards more adulthood. What an amazing feeling. So, what to do now? The world offers so many opportunities! We thought it would be the best thing to explore other places, people and countries. But what makes the stay at other places so special?

Not specifically the place but the moments we experience there. We do no remember the visit to Berlin, but the fascinating Coldplay Concert we visited while being there! It was not about being in Berlin during the Football World Championship, but the crowded Public Viewing that made the experience amazing. Though the trips and events we attended were all pretty amazing, planning these trips and finding out not only about music concerts but also nightlife events or cultural highlights was quite a hassle. We went to Berlin only once before and do not know that many people there to receive recommendations. Also, we did not know whom of my peer group members actually have been there lately. So, we spent hours trying to find out where to hang out in the evening, which events to visit and what to do in order to make the most out of our valuable time.

A few weeks later, after we explored a lot, it was the TU Munich, which initially started our entrepreneurial mindset and career. We participated in the XPLORE Bootcamp and wondered why it was such a big hassle for us to find the right events to experience when being abroad. We realized, that this was not only the case when being abroad but also happens to us when being home in Munich. It didn’t take long to conclude that there was definitely room for something new in the entertainment industry, and we want to be part of it! After a few weeks of thoughts and brainstorming, we had a first concept in mind which we discussed with the incubator of TU Munich and other mentors. Why not use content generated by public figures or fans that love specific events, combine this with existing data and data intelligence to build a platform that would finally combine information, leave out what is unnecessary and provides everyone with a customized event discovery experience without having to google stuff at all? A platform or web-app like this seemed like an appealing idea and the more we discussed it, it became clear that the concept we put together could eventually work out.

To explain this mission in detail, let me give you an example walkthrough of what an event discovery can actually look like.

  1. Where shall we look first? Google, Eventim, Eventbrite, local guides?
  2. Let’s go simple. Google first. We put in the city name, a keyword, a date? Or better a channel, such as music or culture? And what kind? Concert or exhibition?
  3. Okay that was a quite a big query. And results aren’t authentic.
  4. Anyway, let’s check out this event. However, I never heard about this event organizer? Do they organize other events too?
  5. No reliable data about this. Anyway, seems pretty small but actually as good stuff.
  6. So, let’s buy tickets. Oh no way, I cannot do it on this website. Here we can only receive information about the event. Let’s go back to Google and type in “ticket buy”
  7. There are several possibilities now, which shall I choose?
  8. I guess I can go with this one. But is it secure?
  9. Got the tickets. But how can I prepare now for the event?
  10. Any recommendations on any blogs, websites? No, damn!
  11. And from where do I know who is also attending this event? Any interesting or famous person?
  12. And what about the afterparty?
  13. Let’s open Tripadvisor, local guides and magazines.
  14. I would love to have a secret tip by a friend.
  15. But who has been to Berlin?
  16. I guess I should check Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook…
  17. And on and on it goes….

It’s not a mystery: We spend hours googling different possibilities to find out what to do with our valuable time at our time-off, at after-work, weekends or being abroad. We see ad banners for events on Facebook or billboards, but we actually cannot relate to them, because we have no idea what we can get out of them.  Sometimes, the process goes faster, because we have a peer group member that knows exactly what is going on and we trust him or her with his or her taste of events. But in the end, it was not about u anymore, but more the interest of our peer leader, over and over again. While we think, peer recommendations should be never not considered when personalizing event experiences, it should always, but truly always still be about ourselves and our goals in our life.

This is why we created Nexup.
To reinvent event discovery, and finally achieve the things we want in life.

NEXUP is about auto- collected and user-curated content and intelligently combined.

Before you even think about it, Nexup does the searching and recommendation for you. It evaluates your digital footprint, interests and peer groups to generate your custom event feed. What it looks like?

  • You choose a city, date or channel. Or you know what, you can just be inspired by scrolling down and down!
  • You find Collections (that’s what we call our amazing user-curated list & information of events) “Events to attend in Munich in 2019” I shared to Nexup.
  • Looking through the collection for a few minutes, you get the perfect glance of what kind of events it is about and what kind of value you receive out of it.
  • While the collection has been filled with a lot of user-curated insights, you will already know what to expect at the event and how to take the best experience.
  • You open the various event spots on my collection and Nexup shows you detailed information you might need for this event. When does it take place? Where? Which artists will come? What is the ticket price? How many tickets are there still available? How can you prepare? Any cool hints?  All questions answered in one single glance.
  • Now, you save the collection to your personal profile, download the Nexup web-app and get going.
  • On your way, the NEXUP web-app provides you with useful information on the spot and all other interesting things you can get out of the event.
  • Yes. It can be that easy.

Nexup is your way to discover and become inspired by others. We are the tool you can take with you while you are on holidays, when you want to educate yourself further, when you want to stop Netflix and chill and Nexup and live. And if you sometimes not feel the way you want to do something ahead of events, do it post! Create collections of awesome events you went to and make it public for everyone, so that people around you or farther away can receive insights on your kind of events and how they influenced you.

stop Netflix and chill and Nexup and live.

NEXUP is about technology meeting design within an intuitive and playful web-app.

Everything at NEXUP is about design. We believe event exploring and inspiration should be as beautiful as the event itself. That is why we put a lot of effort into the web-app user experience, and created a unique identity that people will love from the beginning.

NEXUP is about the people.

To create an global event discovery platform, we knew from the very beginning that a team, consisting of two business guys (us – Claudio and Jimmy) would not be enough. Looking back now, we feel like getting Nikolai on board as our Data Scientist and Fynn Eckstein as Head of User Experience is what really kicked off NEXUP’s development and design process.

However, Nexup is not just about the team. Even more, it is about mentors and of course event explorer themselves, who have been supporting us from day one with insights, testing and carrying the Nexup brand to the outside world.

So, when will NEXUP be ready for take-off?

No later than the end of September this year. With already more than a thousand lines of code, NEXUP has become the largest software project all of us have ever worked on. There is still much to do, but we are positive to launch NEXUP very soon.

We are extremely excited about what we are developing at NEXUP and we believe this project has a very good shot at becoming a valuable tool for every event explorer out there. While we are finalizing its very first public version, feel free to sign-up for our early access or leave us a comment on Social Media.

So, find out what’s up next for you with Nexup.