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Nexup #stayathome

#Stayathome, #westayathome, and #togetherathome are all over the social media these days.

The coronavirus not only paralyses public life, but also the entire event industry. Due to the closure of art and cultural venues, clubs, theatres, operas and the relocation of concerts, tens of thousands are currently unable to work as usual.
Nevertheless, there is a glimmer of hope, because we live at times when live streaming is possible.

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Be it the Berlin club scene, which has joined forces under the name “United We Stream”, a platform for live streams to DJ sets or performances, or the State Opera in Berlin, which offers daily changing shows in the live stream. But there are also individual people like the pianist Igor Levit, who gives house concerts on Twitter every day.  Even if the current situation does not allow you to stand crowded in front of a stage, under the open sky or in a crowded concert hall, the above mentioned examples show that it is also possible to bring the music into your own living room. Until the time will come again when we can all experience music and art together, in a real, close-knit setting.

But until then, the events will take place online. From theatre, music solos, comedy or magic shows, to webinars or cookery live streams, Nexup shows you exactly when and where you need to be online to make sure you don’t miss any of your favourite artists or acts.

There is so much on offer and yet it is still very difficult for everyone to find out when possible live streams are taking place. That’s why we would like to motivate all artists or other people working in the event industry to register their event on Nexup, so that everyone can find the perfect event based on their interests or to get inspired.


As part of the #stayathome Edition, Nexup brings all your favorite events directly to your living room.

Of course we are positive that the coronavirus pandemic will end very soon. We all can go out again as usual and see our artists live on concerts. However, for the time being, until the situation can be better assessed, Nexup will only display online events.

Let’s now bring a little variety into the series marathon together and thus support different artists and cultural sites. This crisis and the new format can also open up new opportunities for us to discover artists unknown to the individual or to participate in online concerts that would be far away or sold out within a few hours.

Stay up-to-date via our social media posts, get inspired, awaken the spirit of discovery and never miss live streams again!

Pay attention to each other and take care of each other – stay healthy! We make sure that you are entertained from home with the best live performances.  #togetherathome and #findoutwhatsupnext