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Events you can visit again

Original, versatile and guaranteed not to be boring – these events make your free time a highlight again

Cancelled trade fairs, cancelled concerts, closed cinemas or expired theatre or opera tickets – hardly anyone was not restricted in their leisure activities by the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition to yawning emptiness in our calendars, the closure of the industry also has far-reaching and existence-threatening consequences for many event organizers. But now there is light on the horizon again! Thanks to current easing, the tough months of absolute boredom and monotony are now numbered and life is picking up speed again. Everyday life gets going, the home office can be left again and we are hungrier than ever for cool events. But what works and what doesn’t? We’ll show you which events will turn your free time into a highlight again! Although our favourite dates in the annual calendar, such as festivals and major events, still have to be cancelled, many exciting alternatives are already waiting for you. Thanks to dedicated organisers, particularly creative and extraordinary events are currently waiting for you to discover. And isn’t it also time to give something new a chance? Whether concerts in a small circle or even in the car, church services, opera, dancing in the park or sporting events and theatre in the open air – why not stop by where you have never been before? Let yourself be inspired, inspired and together we can win back our freedom! We’ll show you what’s up again and the hottest events of the hour. It’s time to start over! Mask on and off you go…

The coolest open-air events:
  • Theatre, concerts and culture: Extraordinary locations combined with culture and music – that sounds like unforgettable memories, even in Corona summer! Whether it’s your favourite play in the open-air theatre, a concert on the open-air stage or a small electro party on a disused industrial site, many extraordinary concepts promise a special experience which you can share with your loved ones again thanks to the increasing number of visitors. Also many cities and private organizers are getting active again and offer you more and more creative event concepts – stay tuned!
  • Drive-in cinemas: We have already grown fond of them and don’t want to miss our drive-in cinemas anymore! Many of them were created spontaneously and became not only cosy cinema evenings but also the backdrop for numerous music and comedy events.
  • Flea markets: What we have missed, the hours of strolling, discovering and bargain hunting at the flea markets near and far. Whether art market, junk or antique – flea markets are simply special. And since die-hard flea market fans like to consciously distance themselves from the hustle and bustle of the general consumer and department store culture, people like to keep their distance and show consideration.
  • Sports: In the area of sports we can probably let off steam again, especially outdoors. Finally, we are allowed to go to the tennis court ourselves, meet up with our jogging group or visit the outdoor fitness studio. But also passionate sports spectators get their money’s worth again. Although a visit to the football stadium is still not an option, how about a local horse show or beach volleyball?
The coolest indoor events:
  • Small music concerts or comedy shows: It’s unusual and far away from the usual jostling for the best seats and even when dancing and singing along there are editions, but still – there they are again, our beloved concerts! Thanks to sophisticated security concepts and a maximum number of visitors, we can once again listen to the music live and celebrate it. An intimate atmosphere and an unobstructed view of the stage – we can imagine worse!
  • Operas and theatres: Private performance atmosphere is the order of the day here too! Operas and theatres are opening again for a limited audience, subject to certain conditions. Don’t miss the chance of this unique opportunity and secure tickets for one of the coveted plays. Whether opera classics or modern interpretations – let the ambience enchant you!
  • Fairs: Fairs are missing in the private as well as in the business annual calendar of many people. Especially in business life, the exchange of information and communication at trade fairs is existential. But we consumers also like to chase after the latest trends there. Therefore, many people should probably be pleased that a decision has now been made to gradually open up events such as trade fairs. As always inevitable: hygiene and distance concepts.
  • Church services: Churches and congregations have also been hit hard by the Corona crisis. Fortunately, empty churches and silent organs are now a thing of the past. Singing together, sharing and time for silence and reflection on common values, cohesion and social issues. Worship services give us special and beautiful moments and can help us to escape the stress of everyday life. Everyone is welcome in the service, so why not give it a try?