Rocket Launch

Nexup Beta Is Ready For You.

Great News! We got you covered for finding the next events to attend!

We have been working on this release for some time now, strictly speaking since April this year and are excited to finally bring it to you. 

All you have to do is visiting https://beta.nexup.com on your mobile device. From there on just follow the instructions shown below to quickly add our application to the home screen of your smartphone and let the exploring of events begin.

For people active on iOS

Once you opened https://beta.nexup.com within Safari (or any other browser), press the share button, search for “Add to Home screen” and add Nexup.

How to add pwa to home screen

For people active on android

People with android are a bit luckier, as they only have to open https://beta.nexup.com within the browser and receive the notification that nexup can be added to the home screen. It’s a no-brainer, so no need for illustrating this case 🙂

Why is Nexup provided as a progressive web-application (PWA) and not as a native app?

We believe that progressive web apps are the best answer to modern users’ demand and thus the future of web design. The advantages for users are manifold but to name some of them, we listed some of them.

  • Speed: PWAs provide a consistently fast experience for users from the beginning.
  • Reliability: Even if there is no network connection, a PWA is still able to use and data is retrieved from the last time, the network was available.
  • Integrated user experience: The user experience is seamless due to many reasons, such as the instance, the app sits on the home screen, push notifications can be retrieved and most of the functionalities of native apps also work in this environment.

delivering a mobile user experience, that is reliable, smooth and full of inspiring content.

Back to Nexup Beta – what can you expect?

Our mission is to celebrate event culture by reinventing it: across channels, types, and countries. We believe that events make great experiences and are key to building meaningful relationships between people. A core component is to redesign the discovery process for users. And this is what our Beta Version is all about – delivering a mobile user experience, that is reliable, smooth and full of inspiring content to discover.

After all, this means you can do the following so far:

  • You can sign-up on Nexup, to create a personal profile
  • You can discover events on various dates of different channels and types in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, München and Karlsruhe.
  • You can receive detailed information about events, places and artists
  • You can create public or private collections of events, artists and people and add them to your personal profile whenever you heart them
  • You can compare the prices of various ticketing providers for an event and thus access the page to complete the checkout
  • You can share certain events, artists or people or even entire collections with your friends with one click.

What may happen from time to time?

  • Every now and then a little longer loading times if too many of you people cannot get enough of Nexup at the same time.
  • Some spelling mistakes – but please don’t blame us for this one. We are such an international team that this can happen 😉

How can you help to improve the nexup experience?

Test Nexup as there is no tomorrow. We are happy with every bit of feedback we receive from you. You can support us the best when doing the following:

  • Test every page, frontwards and backward.
  • Give us general feedback, report everything you find great/modest/bad and tell us any bugs you may encounter by clicking here.

So, there’s only one thing left to say. Many, many thanks for your support, we appreciate every one of your remarks.

Let’s go with https://beta.nexup.com to find out #whatuspnext.