Introducing Nexup.
Everything you love about events, in one app.

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Discover events
you’ll love.

Discover and get access to events from various channels within one playful, innovative web-application.

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Start earning rewards for bringing your friends to events.

Inspire others by sharing events directly or through unique collections.

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How it works!

Clicking on a button icon

1. Sign-up

Create your Nexup account.

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2. Share

Tell your friends about amazing events or create inspiring collections.

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3. Reward

Get nexcoins for recommending events to your friends and peers.


4. Redeem

Spend your nexcoins on exclusive rewards like tickets, merchandise and VIP upgrades.

Collections from friends & peers.

Collections are similar to playlists in Spotify. They are human-curated lists, to inspire individuals all over the world. With collections, you can keep up with all the events, places and venues you want to go to, to never miss out on #whatsupnext !

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What's up with Nexup?

Read about company news and find out how Nexup can help your business or event to benefit from new marketing concepts.